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WW1 Cross of Sacrifice


WW2 Garden of Remembrance

Tunbridge Wells Cemetery War Graves


Within the Tunbridge Wells Cemetery there are war graves from the two world wars. At the two entrances, green plaques have been placed by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) to signify War Graves exist within the Cemetery. In the lower half of the Cemetery, two Crosses of Sacrifice (CoS) are maintained by the CWGC, which indicate in both world wars more than 40 war graves are situated nearby.


At the outbreak of WW1, no planning or preparations had been made about where or how to bury the deceased service personnel arising from the conflict. A view across the Cemetery from the WW1 CoS clearly shows, the random nature of the burials alongside those of ordinary citizens.


The Tunbridge Wells Corporation (TWC) was not alone as a local authority in deciding not to have a reserved section for war graves.


At the time of WW1, the cost of a burial was for the family of the deceased alone to deal with. A person, including servicemen who did not have a family, was buried by the TWC as paupers in common graves. In section C14, not far from the WW1 Cross of Sacrifice, a number of soldiers are buried in common graves. A CWGC Headstone marks where they are buried but within the grave itself are also other people who were buried at public expense. Indeed, shocking to us today, in one grave there are six people buried, one of whom was a very young child.


In total, 73 WW1 servicemen from Great Britain, Canada, Australia, South Africa and the United States of America lie in the Tunbridge Wells Cemetery. The majority of graves have a CWGC Headstone but the others are commemorated on local families headstones.


In other towns that had VAD’s to care for wounded Soldiers and Sailors, the local population insisted all military burials should be made together, whether they had a burial at public expense or by a family. Hastings Cemetery has such a WW1 Section due to the efforts of a band of very strong willed activist women. There was no such pressure put upon the Tunbridge Wells Corporation in 1914 by local residents.


When War threatened again in mid 1938, the IWGC instructed all local authorities with Government support to make plans for segregated sections to be planned in their cemeteries, into which all future war dead would be buried at public expense. 

All war dead would be placed in a single grave with no other deceased person. All War dead would have an IWGC Headstone placed upon the Grave unless the family declined to have one.


In the Tunbridge Wells Garden of Remembrance every grave has a Portland Stone Headstone. There are a few graves in the sections close to the Cemetery Chapels who were buried into family graves and are commemorated on the family headstone. The CWGC have taken on the responsibility of maintaining these family headstones when they have been notified no family of the deceased now exists.


The full details of all the War Graves in the TW Cemetery can be found in the two publications published by the Friends of Tunbridge Wells Cemetery. ‘Remembered’ listing all the War Dead of WW1 and ‘Remembered Two’ listing the War Dead of WW2. 

Both books are priced at £7.00 to include P&P and can be purchased through the Publications section of this website


Peter W Blackwell JP DL


March 2022

WW1 Casualties

A4 (consecrated)

Capt.Spencer Hickley, Royal Navy

Maj. Geoffrey Meugens, Tank Corps

A11 (consecrated)

Capt. Richard Burton, RASC

Lt. Thomas Graham, MC, Seaforth Highlanders

B1 (unconsecrated) Cpl. William McCall, Army Pay Corps

B2 (unconsecrated) Rifleman Frederick Woods, Rifle Brigade

B2 (consecrated) L/Cpl. Victor Parsons, Royal Engineers

B3 (consecrated)

Staff Sgt. Ben Ashcroft, ASC

Gunner Charles Baldock, RFA

2nd Lt. Reginald Bourner, RAF

Pte. Frank Charlton, Royal Sussex Regt

Capt. Godfrey Dunn, Kent Cyclist Regt

Capt. Robert Dunn, Lincolnshire Regt

Driver Cleveland Horsey, Royal Engineers

Maj. M. Sefton Purdey, Army Remount Service

Pte. Allen Sykes (alias Roberts), Canadian Inf.

B4 (consecrated) Pte. Reginald Douch, RAMC

B9 (consecrated)

Cpt. Charles Roberts, ASC

Sapper Edward Rush, Royal Engineers

B12 (consecrated)

Pte. Herbert Edwards, Middlesex Regt

L/Cpl. Maurice Pickett, Royal Engineers

Capt. Henry Talbot, DSO, Royal Navy

C1 (unconsecrated)

Pte. Ernest Kidd, Middlesex Regt.

Pte. William Martin, Royal Sussex Regt

C2 (unconsecrated)

Writer 3rd Charles Bench, Royal Navy

Pte. Henry Fayeres, ASC

Pte. Norman Schofield, RAF

C5 (consecrated) Cpl. Albert West, ASC

C5 (unconsecrated)

Pte. William Byrnes, Australian Infantry

Pte. Joseph Holland, Royal Warwickshire Regt

Pte. Joseph McManus, King’s (Liverpool) Regt

Pte. James Wood, Machine Gun Corps

C12 (consecrated)

Pte. William Andrews, Royal West Kent Regt

Driver James Baird, ASC

Pte. William Carson, Royal Sussex Regt

Pte. Reuben Crowhurst, Middlesex Regt

Pte. Sydney Eckett, Royal West Surrey Regt

Pte. Albert Field, ASC

Pte. John Giles, Royal Sussex Regt

Pte. Charles Heathers, Canadian Forestry Corps

Pte. Jack Houghton, Royal West Kent Regt

Pte. Edward Jarlett, Royal West Surrey Regt

Pte. Edwin Kempton, Royal Sussex Regt

L/Cpl. Amos Martin, Royal Sussex Regt

Cpl. Charles McKenzie, Canadian Forestry Corps

Sgt. Arthur Packham, Canadian Army Pay Corps

Pte. Reginald Sherwood, Royal West Kent Regt

Pte. Edgar Simmons, Royal West Surrey Regt

Pte. Victor Thorpe, RASC

Pte. Frank Vaughan, The Buffs (East Kent Regt)

L/Sgt Victor Viner, Royal Engineers

C13 (consecrated)

Pte. Charles Dedman, East Surrey Regt

Sgt. Thomas Skipper, DCM, Royal West Kent Regt

C14 (consecrated)

Pte. Albert Allen, the King’s (Liverpool Regt)

Pte. Frank Baker, ASC

Pte. Thomas Bone (alias Townsend), R West Kent Regt

Pte. Douglas Bradshaw, Australian Infantry

Driver Albert Carter, Royal Engineers

Pte. Sidney Goddard, London Scottish Regt

Pte. Sydney Goldsmith, London Regt

Gnr. Jack Graham, South African Heavy Artillery

Driver Arthur Hallett, RASC

Pte. Thomas Hicks, Royal West Surrey Regt

Sapper Charles Hollamby, Royal Engineers

Lt. Joseph Lancaster, Lancashire Fusiliers

Pte. Frederick Langridge, RASC

Able Seaman George Reader, RNVR

Pte. Edward Schofield, Royal West Kent Regt

L/Cpl. John Sharp, Duke of Cornwall’s Light Inf.

Rifleman James Shaw, South Lancashire Regt

L/Sgt. Frederick Simmons, Royal West Kent Regt

Pte. John Styles, Dorsetshire Regt

WW2 Casualties

Second World War Garden of Remembrance (Section C18)

Corporal Horace Athill, RAF Volunteer Reserve

Fusilier Reginald Bateman, Royal Fusiliers (City of London)

Flight Sgt. Henry Bovingdon, RAF Volunteer Reserve

Gunner Ernest Briggs, Royal Artillery

Sgt. William Burnett, RAF Volunteer Reserve

Sjt. Henry Chapman, Royal West Kent Regt.

Cpl. James Crebbin, RAF Volunteer Reserve

Flight Sgt. Victor Dadson, Royal Canadian Air Force

L/Cpl. Thomas Daly, South Lancashire Regt.

Warrant Officer Patrick D’Arcy, RASC

Signalman Albert Dorrington, Royal Corps of Signals

Warrant Officer Stanley Duffett, RAMC

Pte. Cecil Foreman, Pioneer Corps

Pte. Arthur Gould, Pioneer Corps

Capt. Lionel Hatchard, General List

Fusilier Francis Heavey, Lancashire Fusiliers

Cpl. Oscar Heffernan, RASC

L/Cpl. Caleph Howse, Pioneer Corps

Sjt. Harold Jenner, Pioneer Corps

Craftsman Albert Jones, REME

L/Cpl. Eric Knight, Royal Horse Guards

Pte. John Linnington, Royal Sussex Regt.

Major Thomas McAdam, York and Lancaster Regt.

L/Cpl. George McCaffry, Royal Ulster Rifles

2nd Lt. Samuel Orr, Royal Artillery

Pilot Officer William Osterstock, RAF Volunteer Reserve

Pte. Henry Oswald, South Lancashire Regt.

Cpl. John Ramsey, Royal Engineers

Pte. John Robinson, Lincolnshire Regt.

2nd Lt. John Searle, Royal Tank Regt. RAC

Pte. Edward Smith, Pioneer Corps

Gunner Oliver Stevens, Royal Artillery

Pte. Clifford Tapp, Hampshire Regt.

Trooper Wilfred Tompkins, Royal Tank Regt. RAC

Pte. Harry Tompsett, Royal Sussex Regt.

Staff Sjt. William Waters, REME

Pte. Donald Wickens, Royal West Kent Regt.

A4 (consecrated) Sgt. Francis Henderson, RAF Volunteer Reserve

A7 (consecrated) Sgt. Richard Hickmott, RAF Volunteer Reserve

A9 (consecrated) Aircraftman George Purvis, RAF Volunteer Reserve


Wren Ellinor Banting, Women’s Royal Naval Service

Wing Commander John Fowke, RAF Volunteer Reserve

Flying Officer Bruce Thomas, RAF

B7 (unconsecrated) Volunteer Harry Woolgar Home Guard

B16 (consecrated)

Aircraftman Stanley Crouch-Baker, RAF Volunteer Reserve

Flight Sgt. Kenneth Goodsell, RAF Volunteer Reserve

Pte. Walter King, RASC

Gunner Bernard Sinfield, Royal Artillery

Cpl. William Stack, Army Catering Corps

B19 (consecrated)

Sgt. Leopold Bastian, RAF Volunteer Reserve

Flight Sgt. John Gibby, RAF (Auxiliary Air Force)

Warrant Officer Frederick Reed, RAF Volunteer Reserve

C2 (unconsecrated) Driver Frederick Bateman, RASC

C3 (unconsecrated)

Sgt. Nevil Luker, RAF Volunteer Reserve

Aircraftman Robert Morris, RAF Volunteer Reserve

C6 (unconsecrated) Aircraftman Edward Gornall, RAF

C16 (consecrated) Aircraftman Philip Burton, RAF Volunteer Reserve

C17 (consecrated) Chief Motor Mechanic William Tawse, Royal Navy

C19 (consecrated)

Sgt. Frederick Beale, RAF Volunteer Reserve

Pte. William Dyer, Lincolnshire Regt.

Colour Sjt. George Ings, The Buffs (Royal East Kent Regt.)

Pte. Kenneth Rhoades, Royal West Kent Regt.

Warrant Officer Henry Richardson, RAF Volunteer Reserve

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