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Update from the gardening report of July 2022. The brilliant news from the competitions is that the Tunbridge Wells Cemetery and Crematorium won GOLD under the large Cemetery/Crematorium category. In the 'It's Your Neighbourhood' category Friends of

Tunbridge Wells Cemetery achieved a Level 5 – Outstanding award. A tremendous achievement. The certificates are on display in the Chapel.

The team have been concentrating on the Bayham bed and the new plants ordered from the Council have been planted along with many bulbs for the spring. This bed needs clearing of leaves quite often at this time of year and whilst the planting is complete leaf clearing will need to be continued for quite a while yet.

Work has been concentrated on the Friends beds which are still looking very colourful. However, the grass is growing still and needs to be cut on a regular basis. Bridget has been bringing her mower along for this purpose. 

Janet kindly purchased more plants for the Pauper's grave and these have been planted in readiness for the dedication to take place early November. The memorial is looking very pretty.

The two entrance beds to the Cemetery have had bulbs planted and a new Amelanchier tree put in with snowdrops around the base. We are trying to keep the left hand entrance bed under control but as it backs on to the garden of the lodge, we are constantly taking out the brambles making the task difficult and constant.